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bitters for bitterness

an online exploration

of flavor & feeling

saturday : 18.july, 2020

11.00-12.45pm, EST


Bitters have always been a favorite flavor & category of plant medicine for me. They are so vast in their healing & so myriad in their appearance. Everything from digestive health to liver support to soothing the nervous system can be found within the realm of bitters. 

I am certain you have heard the term that like cures like. While it is not a motto that I always stick to, I do find it has great merit ~ bitters being a primary example of this. This class will really delve into this concept by exploring the art of using bitters to dispel bitterness in the emotional & physical body.


In this online course, we will cover:

-- some beloved bitters  

-- how bitters work in the body 

-- how & why bitterness can manifest in the emotional & physical bodies

-- choosing the bitters best suited to your unique self

-- various ways to make medicine with bitters

-- & most importantly, the dosage 

Course details:

Class tuition is $25 

All levels of experience are welcome

We will be meeting via Zoom (link will be sent via email to enrollees prior to class time)

Please bring a pen, notebook, & your favorite bitter to our meeting for a plant meditation!

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a plant poetics

workshop series


august-september, 2020

Poaceae is the botanical name for the grass family ~ this includes bamboo, wild & cultivaed grasses, like our cereal grasses~ it's name is derived from the Ancient Greek póa which translates to fodder. The poeceae is considered to be the most integral source of the world's (dietary) energy supply ~

Poeaceae is Part poetry writing workshop  //  Part flower essence experience


In Poeaceae, we will meet for six, 2.5 hour sessions from August-September. Each member of our group will receive a collection of five flower essences to work with on their own time, which will also serve as prompts for our writing & gatherings. 

This series is structured like a traditional poetry workshopping class: it will be focused on creating new work, sharing it in the group, & then receiving feedback for editing & refinement. Readings will also be included in the class, but the time we spend together will be centered on sharing our work.

Poeaceae was created to offer fodder for our unique language with plants & energy medicine, to deepen & nourish our connection with our own voice, & to create space to sink our toes into the grasses of our imagination.

Poeaceae is open to all levels of experience with writing, poetry, & flower essences. 

Online gathering dates: August-September, 2020




For as long as she can recall, Chanelle has been writing. The written word has been pivotal in her personal journey to becoming the type of person, healer, & practitioner she is today. As such, her poetry is an immense piece of the medicine she shares with her clientele & students ~ often, she has been told that just reading her written descriptions of plants has been medicine in & of itself. 

Chanelle has taught poetry in schools to young adults through Poetry in the Schools (RI) + Deep Center (GA), been invited to read poetry all over the States & in Canada, & has been published in numerous in-print & online collections such as Deluge; Ömëgä, & The 4 Poets.

Chanelle continues to refine her work under the tutelage of Elaine Kahn & through conversations with Adrian Shirk.

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MORE information on course enrollment & dates forthcoming ~ 

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