tarot sessions

$20 for a single card

$50 for 30 minutes

$80 for 60 minutes

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i was gifted my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 7 & they have been a part of my life ever since. my reading style is a combination of channeling, intuitive interpretation, knowledge of symbolism, & influenced by the great readers i have had in my own life


if you are at a crossroads or have a burning question; need a refreshing outlook, clarity, 
guidance, or perspective ~ then tarot may be extremely enlightening for you


each session also offers some practical & magical suggestions for change & healing in regards to what the reading touches upon. 30 & 60 minute readings include an optional flower essence blend to facilitate & support what we discuss in your reading

⁘ 30 minute sessions are perfect for those who have never had a reading before or for 1-3 specific questions

⁘ 60 minute readings are wonderful for exploring multiple in-depth issues/queries you may have

⁘ a single card pull is a nice option for receiving on birthdays, seasonal markers (equinoctes, solstices, etc.), or other holiday markers --- this option does not include a flower essence, but any suggestions for one will be shared!


⁘ these sessions can be done in person or over the phone ⁘ 

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