waking waters

is the essence blend for the month of february

it contains butterfly pea flower essence suspended in a tincture of mullein leaf 




For a thousand miles along the river, when the ice begins to close,

Harness jades & girdle jaspers tinkle at the jagged edge.

The drift of life's no different from the water under the ice

Hurrying Eastward day & night while no one notices.


    - Du Mu (803-52), Pien River Blocked by Ice




you can be right here, but just know that life will keep going. we may resist the current, but below the hardened structures, below the surface, there is a gurgling, a rush, it is flowing with or without us. it is a quickening. a call to sunrise


just as the water of a lake has its turnover beneath the ice as spring nears, infusing & distributing oxygen throughout the entire water column, so do our inner waters turnover beneath our forms. it is a crucial circulation. as we move from within, our exterior form shifts, begins to melt like the ice does melt like the snow does in the field, revealing the fresh pool of water beneath & the yellowed, muddied grass eager to meet the sunlight




i created this blend as means of relaxing resistance, bringing alignment, flexible integrity, curiosity, & release. as we trod toward the water’s rush in spring, it can be difficult to soften, to relax, to let go. it is uncomfortable to wake up, to thaw, to leave behind structures we have once known, to enter into new ones with only a glimmer of what they hold


may this blend gently begin to stir you from hibernation. may it inspire curiosity, act as a kindly herald. may it suffuse you with lithe movement, flexible structure, & intuitive vision necessary to change. may it remind you of this: know you can linger a little longer, know that soon you’ll be ready to go




butterfly pea (Clitoria mariana)

made during the afternoon of july 27, 2018 under a full moon in aquarius/lunar eclipse. this essence is supremely relaxing ~ it goes directly to the places where we hold tension in our bodies, releasing our strain, reminding us to lean back into our lives, that we are being held on all sides if need be. butterfly pea shows us where we need to soften. it covers us in its cooling, soothing cloak & tells us to sink in. reminds us that when we are relaxed, we are able to open, receive, & experience the joy of simply being. this essence brings a sense of merriment, mirth, & a levity to our work, even in its most mundane & repetitive expressions. butterfly pea imbues a blitheness to the body, filling us with a curiosity & wonder at our forms. it flickers with inspiration & flirts with our senses. thus, acting as a muse of sorts for the wearied or dulled mind. a truly lovely companion, refreshing to the Spirit, lulling to the body, rousing to the mind. poetic ~ like feeling the amorous rush of butterflies in the belly


mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

mullein is perhaps most famously known for addressing issues of stagnancy in the respiratory system & strengthening the lungs' integrity. i also love working with mullein to assist the lymphatic system & our structural systems. extremely soft, safe, nurturing, & gently relaxing, this potent medicine goes deep & brings tremendous relief. when strengthening the lungs, mullein gives tone to their physical structure, moving out congestion, & thus helping us to breathe more fully into our lives. as a gentle lymphatic, it gets our internal waters flowing. it is also great for helping in the process to re-align the structure (physically & emotionally) when there has been a break/sprain/injury/etc.: it is specific for times when a hard or harsh situations impinge upon our softness. it helps to gently re-set our structures while we pull ourselves together in the midst of disarray

  • please note

    waking waters will arrive to you in a 2 dram, glass bottle 

    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention


    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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