unhurried priestess

unhurried priestess

is the essence blend for the month of september

it contains kolkwitzia flower essence suspended in a tincture of skullcap



Pause. Slower. In order to cast a spell over the game.

— Erik Satie




Pause. Slower. 


What is the rush, why hurry, why dash all about? Sit with me for a moment, what is one thing you can remove from your day, to make space to slow your pace to take it easy?


Yes, this is a busy time of the year. Yes, this is a truly trying year. There is much to be concerned with & concerned about. Now this new season we are approaching & all is abustle in the world: there is harvesting, gathering, storing to be done. The wind is picking up, the days are getting shorter, it is darker now, earlier than it was a week or two ago. Just now I can see a squirrel hop by, something between his teeth, up the fence, over to the tree. There is much to begin collecting to us these days before the world quiets & begins to slumber. Grains, seeds, nuts, herbs, sunlight…


When we are busy, when there is work to be done, it can feel tempting to stack our days to fill them beyond the brim. To make every moment a moment that contains something more, a multitasking. Not everything can be slow & unhurried in this world, I understand that, I love urgency when it calls on me. But, that is not every day that is not always. Have you noticed that when you don't rush, everything seems to get done in an easier stride? Consider this: how it feels when we do things one at a time, when we do them with care, with thoroughness & thoughtfulness. We build. We build sustainably. We build our lives. Our days are an altar to our lives. How beautiful & how ordinary & how natural to approach them as such. 


May this blend help you to unhurry. May it help you to build your days how you’d like to have them built. May it help you to build easy, freeing, beautiful rituals into your day & devote yourself to these acts of service to yourself, your loved ones, & your work in the world ~ 




Kolkwitzia (Kolkwitzia amabilis) also known as Beauty Bush ~ you may have seen this lovely plant more often than you are aware! It is very common to find Kolkwitzia in landscaping & until I was recently introduced to it via flower essences, I never noticed it. Now I seem to see Beauty Bush everywhere. I made this essence on a drizzly morning in early June, 2020. Beauty Bush essence helps us to tune into our environments on a more grounded, unhurried level of awareness. It helps us to let go of old phases, places, & people in our lives -- attachments to the past, so that we can step into a deeper emotional maturity & awareness of our inner beauty & the beauty of where we are here & now. Kolkwitzia brings us into a really incredible practicality. It allows us to see our worlds for what they are, truly taking things in as they are. It is from this place, that we are able to observe before acting, reflect before responding, create a plan before beginning. Beauty Bush is perfect for those who feel that life is “passing them by,” as it allows them to catch up by simply stepping into the knowledge that they have responsibility & agency over their lives & choices, that we each can create a sense of order, place, & ritual that can hold us in the world. I find that because it helps us to develop a deeper trust in ourselves & our ability to take care of ourselves, it naturally slows our place & deepens our instinct, intuition, & our Spiritual practices


Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) this plant is one of the number one nervines out there. Its uses are wide & many, but it has a specific affinity for the soothing the mind & the nervous system, especially when it is oversensitive (to light, color, sound, etc.) & irritability is present. Skullcap is particularly helpful for soothing & regulating almost any kind of nervous tension: restlessness, anticipation, wakefulness, twitchiness, jumpiness, the type of fear that accompanies nervous energy (think of stage fright). Skullcap has the ability to turn all that nervous fire down & bring a sense of sedation, a relief of that nervous energy: a release & a restoration, a soothing & cool hand upon a flushed & busy mind

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  • please note

    unhurried priestess will arrive to you in a clear rectangular glass, 2 dram bottle

    my skullcap is garden-grown & tinctured with organic, locally distilled grain alcohol

    as always, these remedies are bottled to order with love & intention




    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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