summer's parcel

this seasonal parcel contains all the special blends i created for the summer season in one place + it includes a surprise offering that is only available to those who order a parcel ~



summer's parcel was formulated to bring some bright, floral, & grounding energy to this very active season for the body, mind, & spirit. each remedy in this parcel offers a refreshing bouquet ~ bitter & sweet, nourishing & circulating, cooling & calming


this summer's parcel contains an uplifting, sweet, spacious & bright elixir; a grounding, nourishing, & restorative foot bath; a nutrient-rich & bitter vinegar blend to support digestion & awaken the spirit; a flower essence trio that embodies the energy of the summer season; + a special remedy that is only available to these parcels


as always, the parcel will contain a description card with more info on each remedy + recommended dosages ~



HONEY QUEEN elixir: tinctures of garden-grown lemon balm & wildcrafted multiflora rose flowers with local, raw honey + queen anne's lace flower essence; 30 mL


LOVE YOUR TOES foot bath blend: epsom salts, garden-grown comfrey leaves, meadowsweet leaves, & yarrow leaves


TRUMPET CALL infused vinegar: organic apple cider vinegar infused with garden-grown horehound, mustard green flowers, nettles, & white clover blossoms; 60 mL


ESSENCE TRIO flower essences of: blue crown passiflora, butterfly pea, & wood betony; 2 dram bottles


  • because i work in small batches, seasonal parcels are made in limited quantities


    summer's parcel may be ordered at any time throughout the season + are available until the autumn equinox on 22.september, 2020 unless otherwise noted

  • please note

    each summer's parcel will arrive to with the remedies listed above

    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention




    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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