spring's essence bundle

presenting spring's essence bundle


as always, this trio of essences holds a ring of energy which is meant to embody the season it is born in & thus offer support to move through the upcoming months with grace & clarity


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spring's essence bundle contains the flower essences of:


blackberry (Rubus sp.)

made in the wedge garden on the 29th of april, 2018 while the full moon was in scorpio. this essence is for creative precision & finding strength in release, especially through creative means. like the ringing of a bell, it clears the mental space & inspires us to return to ourselves, to our center, & to call in that which we most need. in this way, it encourages us to bring forth our fruits when they are ready. it can be helpful for people with many ideas or a scattered mindset to find quietude & focus, thus being able to carry them out. blackberry can remind us that we have already had the rough, tough formation, now it is time for a breakthrough ~ to integrate that & be present to our lives


cayenne (Capsicum annuum)

one of the first flower essences i ever captured ~ made in the gardens on noah's arc in dryden/ny in the middle of a hot june afternoon in 2011. cayenne is a remedy of fire, action, empowerment, & creative spark. it clears our energy, it helps us to clear out of our own way. cayenne instills confidence & an energetic awareness of one's own capabilities & talents: it helps us "own", appreciate, & come into our gifts. especially helpful for those with a tendency towards stagnation, fearfulness, or who find it difficult to change or move forward, who find it is themselves keeping them small & in place. it is passionate, swift, & full of momentum. like lava at your heels ~


lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

this essence is a source of inspiration, momentum, & spontaneity. it is the little faery that tugs at your ear & reminds you to let loose, to celebrate life, to seek out that which you find beautiful & exciting/stimulating. especially helpful for those who get lost in the perfume of the past, in longing for times or people gone by, or for what could have been. lilac brings us into the now & reminds us how to continue on. this essence is a pattern breaker, it disrupts stagnancy, inspires a rush of life: a reminder to stop resisting the flow of the current & the ever-present now


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are gentle yet potent vibrational remedies, that work to transform our emotional,

energetic, & spiritual nature. they contain filtered or spring water that holds the

energy of the essence & brandy for preservation


recommended dosage is: 1-3 drops up to 3 times per day or as needed, directly on the

tongue, added into drinking water, massage oil, a bath, or spray bottle

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    spring's essence trio is available until the summer solstice on 20.june, 2020


    each essence bundle will contain the essences listed above, packaged in 2-dram, amber glass bottles with a description card

  • please note

    all of my essences are made with equal parts water : brandy ~ to request a non-alcohol base, please make a note during checkout 

    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention


    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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