shadow heart

shadow heart

is the essence blend for the month of December

it contains Obsidian essence suspended in an Oregano infused vinegar


Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven & earth, & all of creation. You’re a world—everything is hidden in you.

— Hildegard von Bingen


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A silhouette of the heart ~ like the moon, we have a side which we see & a side which is always in shadow. A side rich with mystery. A side who thrives in the dark quietude of a private & inner life. A side from which the bright side could not, would not exist. 


We are getting close to Winter now. A dark time of the year, an inner time of the year. A time of the year that must exist for if it did not, then neither could that effortless brightness of the Summer season & all that exists between the two.


I will tell you a secret about shadows: they are meant to be played with, they are meant to be sewn to the bottom of your foot, they are meant to follow us & lead us on the paths we walk. I will tell you another secret about shadows: they are beautiful & fluid & they have our heart---it is ours, it is our heart. Without shadows, we would have no depth. We would only have a one-sided heart. An always full moon.


It is in the darkness, the rich enveloping darkness, that we find dreams, stories, creative growth, & deep inner knowing. May this blend help you to embrace the dark moon of your heart. May it help you honor this quiet, private part of yourself. May it help you to take a good look at yourself, inside. May it inspire you to build an intimacy with the complexity of who you are, your inner world, & to feed that inner world with love ~ 


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Obsidian made on the eve of a new moon in Aries on 27.March, 2017 until the following morning in Raleigh, North Carolina. Obsidian is helpful for surrendering into the dark—for going through the looking glass, so to speak. Obsidian's inky appearance draws us into it's mystery & into our own mysteries. Like stepping behind the curtains of ourselves, Obsidian is very quiet & protective. It allows for us to feel that protection while doing the inner, contemplative work that many of us are drawn towards doing but may feel inhibited from engaging in for reasons personal or otherwise. Being made of silica & lava, Obsidian is very old ~ connecting us to the ancient mysteries of the Earth & its formation. Because of this, Obsidian can help us to understand our very own ancient mysteries & how we have come into form ~ how we have become who we are. Obsidian gifts us the chance to reflect & to look at our formation from the inside out. Many insights can occur from working with Obsidian for this very reason. Due to its grounding energy, there is a strong element of feeling supported & having a foundation even as we traverse the deep. Through the looking glass of Obsidian, we are guided to dance with & face our shadows for what they are: aspects & forms of our past that trail behind us with the rich inky depths of our existence. With Obsidian, we get to see in & into the dark. We are able to move easily into & out of the underworld of ourselves & one another. This fluidity gives us a greater sense of balance & understanding of complexity in the world. It also aids us as we align with our most authentic/truest selves, with our purpose. Obsidian encourages us to bring ourselves out & into the light, pulling the curtains aside when we are ready to, not before or because we feel we must. Work with Obsidian to honor your private life, your complex depths, & those of others.


Oregano (Origanum vulgare) the genus name comes from the Greek, oros & ganos, meaning “joy of the mountain,” named so because they were so lovely to see growing wild upon the hills. warming, circulating, aromatic, & soothing ~ grown & harvested from the moon by moon gardens, this oregano extract is nourishing to the nervous, reproductive, digestive, & respiratory systems & is a comforting friend to the heart. Gail Faith Edwards tells us that Oregano “stimulates clairvoyance in matters of the heart.” As a vasodilator, Oregano can help lower high blood pressure, promote circulation in the body, & bring relief to nervous headaches. Oregano helps us to appreciate the beauty around us at all times, & in general offers an overarching sense of relaxation, peace, & contentment throughout the body, mind, & Spirit


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  • please note

    shadow heart will arrive to you in a clear rectangular glass, 2 dram bottle


    my oregano is garden-grown & infused in organic apple cider vinegar


    my remedies are bottled by hand & set to rest on my apothecary altar space before being sent out to you 



    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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