golden arrow

is the essence blend for the month of december

it contains saint joan's wort flower essence suspended in a tincture of yarrow



now, we are en gallop towards the light : there just beyond the hump of moon, nestled within the breast of night : golden, bright, the essence of dawn


through the darkness, the sunlight is restored. as we must rest, must sleep to remain vital & healthy & energized in the world, you must also imagine the sun needs this to ~ the sun needing to dream, to nestle into the velveteen arms of night



we are tromping toward the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year, which is soon followed by the celebratory turn of our calendar year. what a lush time for dreaming, for dipping our arrows into the golden interior of ourselves: the inner sanctum where we hold our passions, visions, hopes, our unique light


like orpheus, we are being asked to not look behind, not until we reach the other side of the lighted corridor, of the night’s yawn we must walk out into the golden glow of morning before we turn around. this is a time of trusting you have what you need at your back, that your dreams are following you, that you are the guide who knows the way through by heart


the last steps of this journey inward & out again take trust, yes, but also strength, bravery, motivation. we must be both wise & warriors on our trek 



this blend is precise, warm, fortifying, dipped in gold. saint joan’s wort blooms at the very height of summer, the time directly opposite of winter’s solstice. thus it contains the kernel of what we are walking towards, & of what we hold within: fiery warmth, glistening knowledge, the bright gleaming heart of our hearts


may this remedy inspire your inner warmth & radiant guidance from within, may it guide your bow’s aim, may it be a celebration of all that you have come through thick & thin to arrive here, at the threshold of a new day



saint joan's wort (Hypericum perforatum)

made from a single, bruised flower & one unopened bud at the end of a trail in pondicherry park in bridgton/me, this essence is about healing our battle-wounds, healing our bruised hearts, healing our over-wrought nerves. it is for times when we feel as if our hearts are not "in anything" anymore. like joan of arc, whose passion & strength of heart led her to be constantly wounded in battle & ultimately burned for treason, this essence is a salve for when we get hurt fighting for what we love. gives us bravery & encouragement to "dust yourself off & try again”


yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

i find yarrow to be terrific for re-calibrating. that is, for times when i feel really out of swing with myself: like i can't keep up or i can't catch up or i don’t know which way to turn; times when i feel on the verge of getting sick or breaking down internally. yarrow really helps to bring us back to center while providing us with a protective shield, an energetic filtering sieve. grounding, yet connective to the heavens, clouds, air creatures, & the stars, yarrow keeps us dreaming but also present to reality & what we need to do to truly be part of the world. thus, it is a wonderful ally for “naive” or sheltered spirits, because it doesn’t take away imagination, hope, or joy, it just brings a balancing dose of the world into their viewfinders


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    each golden arrow essence blend will arrive to you in a 2-dram, clear square glass bottle


    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention




    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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