flowering through

is the essence blend for the month of may

it contains carnelian stone essence suspended in a tincture of anise hyssop flowers & leaves



“Blooming in the midst of anywhere. Everywhere. Including, & especially straight out of the ruins.”

- Clarissa Pinkola Estés



despite it all, despite it all, we are flowering through ~ just as the trees are & the grasses & the roadside wilds, we are all finding our way to bloom in this world


we each have our own gifts our own work to present at our own time, like glorious petals, to the world. no one is the same, no one person’s work will be exactly that of another, though there may be similarities, some resemblances, an overlap here or there ~ the way a field of daisies can all resemble one another, but up close…. 


this time more than any other, it is so crucial to return to your source of flowering potential. it is so very important for each of us to remember what tethers us to our own fire, to our own source of the heat of life. your work is unique, you are beautiful, your body is an altar, you are a dream made manifest walking amongst us all ~ don’t forget this, don’t let it slip away whilst putting your gaze elsewhere into someone else’s warmth. we need you to be compassionate with yourself


look, the internet is amazing, the ways social media allows us to connect are gorgeous. but we are all looking through the same eyes at the same eyes at the ways in which someone else is blooming. maybe we are comparing, maybe we are competing, maybe we are feeling less than. when really, right now, i can’t think of anything more harmful. at this time, i believe we must return to our own hearth before the fire goes out 


we need one another, yes, but what we need from one another is for each of us to own our dear gifts, step into their stockings & slippers & gowns. to be present, to be focused, to offer fearlessly to the harmony of this world. harmony is a togetherness, harmony is a key, harmony is soulful; it is an armor that makes even the most gruesome back down. we are able to harmonize by learning & strengthening our own parts in the song, so as not to confuse them with the other voices in the choir


may this blend bring you into your creative prowess, the fire of your truth. may it remind you of what is most valuable & important to your unique life. may it remind you of your innate right to bloom into being. may it fill you with the courage to stand firm within yourself, so that you may come together at the collective table, adding your voice to the song ~



carnelian  this essence was made as the new moon passed from pisces into aries in march, 2018. carnelian is a stone of warmth, joy, confidence, health, motivation, & creativity. this essence feeds our inner fire, it nurtures us from the inside out, from the soul onwards. this essence is like an ember that won’t go out, helping to fuel & light our ways, even when we feel the way is dark, uncertain, or full of shadow. carnelian bolsters us, imbues us with bravery, energizes us, helps us to transmute through fire, & free ourselves as we transform from one form to the next. like the myth of the salamander who is renewed by fire, this essence rejuvenates & fills us with the fire of life


anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum)  what a gentle, soothing, & comforting yet inspiring plant ~ one that has really helped me to get out of some little slumps when added into my daily regimen! anise hyssop an affinity for the lungs & respiratory system: a place we hold grief, where its dispersive nature can act as a soft, sweet breeze to lighten our sorrow. as a digestive aid, its carminative qualities relieve stagnation, trapped air, & soothing indigestion. it has such a lovely, soft, sweet flavor, & as with all naturally sweet things, points to its incredible ability to build & nourish. i will call upon anise hyssop in times of depletion, tension, weakness, & over-exertion; when one is on the mend from being sick, or in cases where there needs to be some overall grounding & strengthening. i have also found that this sweet friend seems to be around me whenever i enter into new, wonderful phases in my own personal life. on that note, i wonder, is there a new, wonderful, possibly challenging phase of your life which you have just entered? let anise be a reminder that you are on the right path, even when the way feels occluded, uncertain, solitary, or bumpy 


  • please note

    flowering through will arrive to you in a clear rectangular glass, 2 dram bottle

    as always, these remedies are bottled to order with love & intention


    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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