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    flower essences are absolutely my favorite form of medicine. they are gentle, potent, & have made the greatest impact on my own personal healing in addition to that of the beautiful clients i work with. many people i work with have never heard of esssences before, or perhaps they have tried one once. it is such a wonderful thing to introduce someone to their first essence, because it is at that moment they fall in love. essences just seem to have that effect on people


    this mail correspondence course is designed to introduce you to the world of essences, each month, right to your doorstep 


    there are 3 delivery options available. each is a flat rate payment, with a one-time shipping fee applied upon checkout:


    1 month = $14

    6 months = $80

    12 months = $150



    each month, you will be sent a package containing:

    ❇ a single flower essence in a 2 dram bottle

    ❇ a description page, which also includes ways to incorporate it into your monthly rhythm & prompts for getting to know the essence on a deeper level

    ❇ an invitation to email chanelle with questions/thoughts about each essence package


    --- plus ---


    ❇ a handmade intro to flower essences booklet (for 6 month subscriptions)

    ❇ a handmade intro to flower essences booklet + 25% off a calibrate consultation (for 12 month subscriptions)


    --- ---


    payment plans are available!

    for more info, please email: moonbymoonapothecary@gmail.com



    • please note

      the majority of my essences are made with brandy, please let me know if alcohol is a concern for you --- i am able to use a non-alcoholic alternative upon request

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