dreaming in the dark wood

dreaming in the dark wood

"I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

-- WB Yeats

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Dreaming in the Dark Wood 

Is dip & submersion into the dreaming season ~ the Winter months, the lunar time of the year ~

It is a class about nourishing the inner body, the dreaming body, the Creative Spirit.


Dreaming in the Dark Wood is a two hour, online class that will walk you through:

--: discovering why it is so crucial we prioritize dreaming at this time of year
--: covering flower essences that help us to dip & dive into our dreaming bodies
--: discussing how the dark & dreaming nourishes our Creative Spirit
--: learning about some easy ways to be more intentional with your dreams
--: as always, I will leave plenty of time for Q+A after we get through our class material (this is always one of my favorite parts!)

Please Note:

--> Because I will be shipping an essence to each attendee, enrollment will close on the 10th of December to ensure each person receives their remedy prior to class.

--> Class, will not be recorded! 

Class details:

--: We will meet from 5-7pm EST on Zoom

--: Enrollment will end on the 10th of December, to ensure your supplies are received in the mail

--: Dreaming in the Dark Wood is open to all levels of experience with dreaming, creative practices, & flower essences

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  • please note

    my essences are prepared in equal parts spring water : locally distilled grape spirits

    if you prefer a non-alcoholic base, make note of that upon check out


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