clary clear

clary clear

is the essence blend for the month of october

it contains double clear quartz essence suspended in a tincture of clary sage leaves & flowers


And I am thinking: maybe just looking & listening

is the real work. 

— Mary Oliver




How often is it that you truly give yourself time to just look & listen ~ nothing else, nothing else, but just the looking & the listening? 


Why is it we must view the world through a screen so much these days? I want to tell you that if I had my way, I would hide everyone’s smartphones away for a week (at least) to give our eyes & minds & hearts & Spirits a moment. A small, brief, beautiful moment without their demanding glare & glow.


I know we “need” them. Do we need them?


When we sit, when we sit. Is that not enough, to simply sit? Clearly, I have questions. Clearly, I want to invite you to sit, to look, to listen. Clearly. Nothing else. And I am thinking: maybe just looking & listening is the real work.


This is a time of the year when much is changing around us, & perhaps we are becoming more aware of what we have lost, what we will lose because the world is at a loss right now & the world is losing right now & ’tis this season, but it is also this time in our cultural moment. I will tell you, there is much to be lost. It breaks my heart. My heart, broken, is open up wide & my eyes clear with salty water. I can see the truth of what is dear to me, of what is dear to this planet.


With clarity, I know what steps to take, I know what is true, I know who to pray to & what messages are meant for me to receive. I see my life: a crystal shimmering in the cold light, reflecting back to me, showing me the way forward. I honor this, & in this honoring I am more myself than I have ever been.


May this blend help you to look & listen. May it help you to see yourself. To see yourself & to see things as they truly are, as they are in & of themselves, as they are without projection. May it help you to get unmuddled — to find clarity, renewal, & that crystalline sense of the October wind on, through, within you. May it carry your wishes & messages to the Spirits, your Ancestors & Guides, without impediment ~ 




Double Clear Quartz made with two pieces of clear quartz in an antique coupe cocktail glass on the Vernal Equinox of 2017. The essence was left outside to soak in the sunny day, the birdsong, & the spring breeze. I rang a bell over it & then allowed it to sunbathe from late morning until late afternoon. As stones go, clear quartz is by far one of the most versatile stones & a great stone to begin your journey into stone medicine with. It can be worked with in a myriad of ways & in a pinch, clear quartz can be used as a substitute for any other quartz relative (like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, or aventurine, etc.). This essence is deeply & fervently renewing, cleansing, clarifying, & directive. It is brisk, energizing, inspiring, & vibrant: like a crisp breeze & the first waters running free from under the ice. Clarity within, clarity without. Rejuvenating, aligning, & awakening ~


Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Clear Eye. See Bright. Two old & wonderfully descriptive names for this beautiful plant ~ as a relative to kitchen Sage, you will notice that the two have not only a similar flavor, but also work similarly in the body for culinary & digestive purposes. Aromatic, astringent, balsamic, carminative, & antispasmodic are some of the medicinal terms that come to mind for Clary Sage. Traditionally, eyewashes were made of Clary Sage for physical ailments as well as for inducing more clairvoyance of sight. This plant is cooling, soothing, protective, & has an affinity for both the eyes & the kidneys, as well as the uterus. Call on Clary Sage to relieve sight strain (whether physical, emotional, or psychic), to settle into more observational or watchful states, & to see things are they truly are 

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  • please note

    clary clear will arrive to you in a clear rectangular glass, 2 dram bottle

    my clary sage is garden-grown & tinctured with organic, locally distilled grain alcohol

    as always, these remedies are bottled to order with love & intention




    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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