by the stars

is the essence blend for the month of november

it contains birch bark essence suspended in a tincture of garden-grown sage leaves




doesn't it seem to you, that during these colder times of the year it is as if the stars seem to huddle closer to us here on earth? i have always experienced them as brighter, more conversational, easier to reach out to & touch... 


the sharp clarity of the cold, the veil thinned to almost nothing, the sky but an arm's reach away: we slow, stepping through the dark more carefully, with more intention. we rest, gaining access to old wisdom, dipping deeper into our dreams. we burrow, into the center of ourselves, nearer to our own embers




i have always cherished this time of the year for its quiet sovereignty; its gravitational pull; its dark & star-pierced cloak. i feel that i can simply be & rest into myself beginning in november. much of the world has died down, is now blanketing the earth’s floor. we are being called within, under wool & towards the warmth inside of our homes


i created this blend to help our modern minds sink into our ancient roots. in a time when the external world spins more & more quickly, it becomes crucial to know oneself amidst the rush, to know both where one has come from in order to know where the next step leads


from within, we are rooted, anchored. we know we have always been & remember who we want to be, we become curious about the unknown. we sweep the webby veil from our dreams, we commune with the tethers of our ancestry & the memories of our future. while all around us, the dead dance in the leaves, the stars whisper their guidance, & the dark calls us in calls us home




birch bark (Betula papyrifera) made at midnight on the 28th of october, 2013 until the next morning in falmouth, maine ~ this essence is like a compass, a sextant: it connects us to the stars & enables us to navigate by them. helps us to create maps home, connecting the dots like constellations, sharpening our senses, & giving strength to our structures. it gives comfort & direction to those who feel lost, uncertain, or stuck. birch bark helps us to lay back into the dark, giving into the weight of gravity & the arms of stillness. in this place,we are able to listen to our instincts; to gaze up at the glowing stars, conversing with their quiet light imbuing us with a clarity of vision. for this reason, amongst others, birch bark also helps to prepare us for "lifting the veil" or entering into divinatory states


sage (Salvia officinalis) sage is the wise, savory plant that tempers the body & soothes the spirit. in my regard of it, i find sage to be very much like a grandmother—the energy of this plant contains the wisdom one accumulates over time that seems to just diffuse off the aged person… almost as if being around them you understand the grand scheme of things in an entirely new way. sage is also wonderful for clearing, cleansing, & moving any stuckness we may hold especially in the soft & watery places in our bodies & spirits ~ like the gut, the sinus, etc. i also find that this plant is specifically good at helping to regulate our time, assisting us in sticking with routine or ritual. grounding, centering, & focusing, sage instills us with both perspective & presence


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    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention




    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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