bitters for bitterness

an online exploration of flavor & feeling

saturday : 18.july, 2020

11.00-12.45pm, EST


Bitters have always been a favorite flavor & category of plant medicine for me. They are so vast in their healing & so myriad in their appearance. Everything from digestive health to liver support to soothing the nervous system can be found within the realm of bitters. 

I am certain you have heard the term that like cures like. While it is not a motto that I always stick to, I do find it has great merit ~ bitters being a primary example of this. This class will really delve into this concept by exploring the art of using bitters to dispel bitterness in the emotional & physical body.


In this online course, we will cover: 

-- some beloved bitters  

-- how bitters work in the body 

-- how & why bitterness can manifest in the emotional & physical bodies

-- choosing the bitters best suited to your unique self

-- various ways to make medicine with bitters

-- & most importantly, the dosage 

---> All levels of experience are welcome

---> We will be meeting via Zoom (link will be sent via email to enrollees prior to class time)

---> Please bring a pen, notebook, & your favorite bitter to our meeting for a short meditation!


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