are almost

are almost

contains mountain laurel & moss essence suspended in wisteria blossom infused witch hazel


Mysterious as the silence when the tailor / would pause with his needle in the air.

— Denise Levertov


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Under the grey light of this Imbolc season we are held in suspense of what is to come, of what would be. We are beginning to thaw: to gently begin waking from the depths of our hibernation. We are in the moments between deep sleep & awake. We are almost. We are held in the space between the tailor’s stitches, between notes, between actions. We are this mystery, we are held in our own suspense. What will happen next?


This uncertainty is rich with possibility & becoming. Winter is flanked on either side by mystery, by the veil’s gauzy fabric. On this side of the mystery, we are coming to, we are stirring; the hold that sleep has had upon us is loosening & we are sensing the morning light is rising higher out in the yard.


Winter is opaque. Imagine this Imbolc season as a stone opaque as porcelain, imagine this season as an opaque stone slowly, slowly starting to suffuse with light to become bit by bit more translucent & open. This dawning of clarity each day is arriving with the longer sunlight. Translucent objects allow some light to travel through them; we are in a time of translucence. 


Enjoy this mystery ~ enjoy the revealing. Make devotions to the Spirit of Translucence, make space to behold the light shifting out your window. Relish your time in the opacity of Winter’s swaddle, for before your very eyes the world will become more clear, more awake, more possible. So imagine deeply, greatly, & freely. May this blend help you to release the need to know. May it help you to trust that you are walking in exactly the right direction, towards the life of yourself. May it fill you with appreciation for the mystery of becoming, the precious moment between one stitch of the needle to the next ~ 


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Mountain Laurel & Moss (Kalmia latifolia) made at the end of Peaceable Street in June 2020. For those who need to know, Mountain Laurel has other plans! This is a nice essence for those who tend to get stuck in expectation or anticipation of what will come next, Mountain Laurel invites us to simplify, lean back, open, release the clutch we may have on ourselves. This essence softens us out of our heads, into our bodies, reminding us that there is nothing to know, rather it directs that desire to be curious, to explore. When we "are" we can more easily open & feel/sense. Thus, Mountain Laurel takes our minds for a walk--it shows us that what we think we know is just the beginning--there is a deeper, more open place to go still. Brings a questioning, curiousness to the Spirit & mind vs. a searching quality. Promises us that when we are not searching there is: arrival, wonder, more. Nothing to figure out, always deeper to go.


Wisteria (Wisteria sp.) every Spring I make a batch of “Wisteria Water” ~ I gather the delicate & fragrant blossoms of Wisteria & cover them with organic Witch Hazel extract. This batch was made during the afternoon in April of 2020. Wisteria is so relaxing, & it encourages us to release tension, to let our grip go. I love working with Wisteria for letting go of the past, for letting go of things when we are holding on too much, & for letting go of the "idea" of something, so that we can experience the reality of it instead. Wisteria provides serene perspective, calm clarity, & reminds us of the strength in our fragility.


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are almost is meant to be used externally, as an anointment 

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    are almost will arrive to you in a clear rectangular glass, 2 dram bottle


    my remedies are bottled by hand & set to rest on my apothecary altar space before being sent out to you 



    i am not a doctor: i do not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, i can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas

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