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herbal consultations
initial intake: $200

follow-up: $130

these intuitive wellness consultations are unique to each person & are meant to address a wide range of issues from specific ailments to ongoing health concerns. they offer emotional, spiritual, physical, & energetic well-being with the support of herbal remedies & flower essences 

initial sessions last about 90 minutes-2 hours. during this time, we will:

- create a safe, conversational space to explore your concerns
- delve into the waters of your life, allowing your story to unfurl

gleam patterns to break, routes to heal

- collaborate in creating your formulas

- allow intuition, spirit, & deep listening to be our guide

- draw upon the elements to give greater context to your unique energy


following our conversation, i will create your plant, stone, or environmental  based remedies & offer some ideas for practices to support you on your journey towards healing. all the recomendations & formulas will be provided within the week of our session


the cost of the remedies is included into the overall price of this session. the primary remedies i offer are essences, spirit drops, tinctures, elixirs, & tisane blends. blend re-fills are $30 (+ $5.50 for shipping long distance)

 ⁘ follow-ups are recommended within one month; they are 60 minutes in length & cost $130 ⁘


⁘ can be done in person or via the phone ⁘

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