grew up in the woods of the northeast, but has recently made her home in the triangle area of north carolina 

she is a flower essence devotee, an intuitive & traditional western herbalist, energetic & elemental healer, monitrice, mentor, poet, & musician. she believes that intention, ritual, & using low-doses of plant & spirit medicine offer some of the greatest impact to our healing 

chanelle's love & study of mysticism plays a large role in her work, & she weaves her divinatory practices with tarot, pendulum, & astrology to deepen her offerings

it is in the spirit of the lunar months that chanelle approaches her healing work: that all things wax & wane, that everything has a cycle, a pattern; that health & well-being are not stagnant but in fact change as we do, from month to month: moon by moon

chanelle set out on her path at a young age & cemented it during her studies with 7song at the northeast school of botanical medicine in 2010, where she received a certification of clinical herbalism. chanelle began studying homebirth midwifery at the meac-accredited, birthwise midwifery school in 2012. she considers the every-lovely kay parent to be a long-time mentor & inspiration to her work. chanelle continues to learn as much about the world of plant medicine, healing, & the body as often as she can 

when chanelle is not in the apothecary, you will find her making improvised & atmospheric sound-collage music under the name of mille, dreaming of the water, & writing poems

please note: chanelle is not a doctor. she does not claim to diagnose/treat/cure any diseases. as an herbalist & energetic healer, she can only offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas & other recommendations 

chanelle a. bergeron

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